The Gravity Web Framework is a gift to humanity and the world, providing a full-stack web application framework. The goal behind Gravity is to give the world a platform to learn and work together on web and mobile applications.

Gravity's goal is to get company's, universities, governments, and open source developers from around the world to working together on a common platform. By working together to build a open source, easy-to-understand platform that's easy to teach to new developers, we can start tackling many more important issues in the world, using Gravity as the baseline framework.


Stop re-inventing the software wheel!

Looking to build a website? Need to customize server side code so you can build a mobile application? Gravity is a great way to get your project started!

As this project matures, Gravity will become a full social media network that you can deploy on any server, both locally and on the global internet.

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Easy to Understand

Gravity is built with ease of development and understanding in mind.


Gravity is designed to be data efficient to ensure quick response times.

Local or Cloud Deployment

You can deploy Gravity locally or in the cloud.

Made with Love

Is it really open source if it's not made with love?

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